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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Our group make and takes cover Christmas to birthdays

Barb A.'s make and take

My studio was packed with talented Stampin' Up! demonstrators Saturday for our monthly American Ink group gathering. I've always asked for volunteers to bring make & takes for everybody, and have never been disappointed. We had a total of six make & takes, including mine, which I'll show later. Anybody who doesn't bring a make & take is asked to bring food. We had an amazing buffet - everything from a taco ring (thanks Barb B.) and taco bites (thanks Barb A.) to Pumpkin Crunch bars (thanks Puddin') and salad (thanks Debi), plus many more goodies.

Bonnie's make and take - she sewed the pockets for us!
The pocket holds a couple of tea bags.

I have to say something about this Tea Shoppe make & take. One of our newest members, Bonnie, not only brought this for everybody to make, but she also had sewn the pockets and ribbon for us, and provided the tea. On top of that, she swapped catalog markers that she made using elastic, ribbon and fabric. I'll show you those later.
I just get excited when I see people like Bonnie and Barb B. jumping in and participating in our demo meetings. They add a good energy to our group!

Kim's make and take
Mary Ann's make and take
Tori's make and take
Tori is a guest demo from Texas. Her hubby is serving in the military, which reminds me - I am so thankful for all of the people who have served, are serving, or are planning to serve in our Armed Forces. Thank you for our freedom! And Happy Veterans Day.

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MiamiKel said...

Wow! What a cache of cards!! Such amazing detail :-)