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Saturday, August 14, 2010

American Ink gathering: A Minute to Win It!

At our American Ink Stampin' Up! demonstrator gathering today, I thought it'd be fun to play A Minute to Win It game. It brought back fun memories of convention - and we were sharing info about convention.

Each woman had 1 minute to try to get the chocolate chip cookie from her forehead into her mouth without of use of her hands. It was so much fun! Thanks to everybody for being such good sports. I love you all!!!

Pearl's new spa treatment?

Frankie's the first to get the cookie in her mouth - and in just 30 seconds!
Barb S. is not only a talented stamper, but gifted at this cookie game - she did it in something like20 seconds.
Kim is having so much fun! She moved the cookie straight down her face, over her nose and into her mouth!

Barb A. could get the cookie to her eye, but it kept falling off after that.

Even our guest demo, Heather, wasn't exempt from the contest.


gktenney said...

I'm sorry I missed this! But the reason I didn't come (had hoped to, again) was that I'm having some physical therapy done on my neck. All that twisting would NOT have helped me.
Hope to join you sometime soon.
Karen--Port Townsend

Sandra said...

Regulation cookie is actually an Oreo, but that's okay! Great blog! You need to get on the show!!!

Can't wait for more episodes on Wednesday, but NBC is also putting re-runs on Tuesday nights! Looks like we get a double-dose. Good luck, and post more pictures! hahaha

Shirley Pumpkin said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Hi! I work for Minute to Win it and I would like to see more pictures and get more information about your event! Please contact me at

Sarah Springfield @ Little Bus on the Prairie said...

Hi, I am reading the comment from sabrina hybel and I'm wondering if you ever got in contact with her. She just contacted me and I'm wondering if she's legit. A reply would be appreciated.