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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A new-to-me rv

This 1967 Dodge Chinook Mobilodge may not look like much, but it's all mine! I love the lines of this old Class A motorhome. The best part is I got it for free. It's in eastern Washington right now, where it'll stay while it's getting worked on. As of mid-August, it's got a new key and ignition. The previous owner couldn't find the key or the title. We're working on an Affidavit of Lost Title now.
The outside isn't too bad - a few cracked windows, the driver's side window wiper hanging off the passenger side wiper, a few scrapes and doors that won't shut all the way - but the inside will most likely be a total gut job. I'm hoping that when my hubby hears how wonderfully it runs, he'll be motivated to help me make it look super nice inside. I can dream.... I love the idea of rehabbing something abandoned and making it useful and new again.
I plan on this being one of my projects for the next couple of years, so I'll share photos here and there as there's progress.

1 comment:

Paul Battram said...

I have one of these ! But it is stuck down in Mexico with no wheels !
If you ever want to sell your one give me a shout, they are so much fun , well done on a lucky find!
Or if you would rent me your wheels for a month I could go and get my one!