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Monday, February 27, 2012

My first Scallop Square (aka Rag) Quilt!

I love Stampin' Up!'s Spice Cake fabric, and have been wanting to make a simple quilt with it for some time. Yesterday I finally found a few hours to diecut the scallop squares, add batting and sew them together.

Here's why it's called a Rag Quilt. This is the back side:

You see all of the scallop edges on this side. I started with four packages of Spice Cake fabric. I didn't iron or wash it first, though you may choose to. I ran the fabric through the Big Shot on the Clear Scallop Square die.

It'll cut 8 layers at a time. I got 15 squares out of each fat square (or 45 squares per box of fabric).

I sandwiched batting between two squares and sewed it in an X to hold it all together.

Then I sewed the squares into rows, and the rows into the quilt. Four packages of fabric gives you a baby blanket-sized quilt (9 squares x 10 squares). I added a few more rows this morning, and may still add to it. When I've used up all the Spice Cake fabric I have (4 more boxes!), I'll add a seam binding all the way around. Then I'll wash it to make it feel all soft and squishy. I know I'm a hack quilter, but it was the one way I could think of that I could have a quilt the same day I started it! I made my first quilt last year with my neighbor's help. She's a professional who assisted while I created a twin-bed sized blanket. Then I took it down the hill to get the all-over stitching. So what do you think?


Marie said...

That's really pretty Terry. I've never had the patience for quilting, you make it look easy.


Elizabeth Price said...

FANTABULASTIC!!! Your quilt is superb, supreme, and surely divine. Great work and thank you for posting and sharing it with us blog surfers. Smiles, Elizabeth

Shirley Pumpkin said...
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Claudia said...

Your quilt is BEAUTIFUL - and I love the method you used!

Janie Adams Strand said...

I loved your quilt. I have never made one from regular fabric, only the flannels. I love rag quilts, and that's all I make now!!!