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Monday, November 9, 2009

Icicle Rub-ons and glitter ornaments...

I enjoy making ornaments every year... and my kids love making these kind.

These small, glass ornaments are available at craft stores and some big box stores. I start by removing the tops, rinsing them all out with water, and leaving them upside down in the plastic tray they come in.

One by one, you grab an ornament, funnel some glitter into it and shake it up (with your thumb over the hole unless you really love glitter!). Tap out any excess.

Then I like to take rub-ons - this snowflake came from the Icicle Rub-Ons in the Holiday Mini - to add that extra somethin'. And since these ornaments never seem to come with hangers, I use silver cord


Anonymous said...

What adheres the glitter to the inside of the ornament?

Holly said...

OMG!! That came out great... I love how shiny it is..

Terry said...

I'm not sure, but I know it works. I've got ornaments a few years old and they still look great!

I have used reinkers and glitter, but the problem with reinkers is that it never seems to coat the inside evenly. I always get a heavy spot or two.