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Friday, June 7, 2013

One-of-a-kind birthday card

I've been enjoying my best birthday ever! And to share it with National Doughnut Day? Amazing! lol
I had to share a card made out of pine that my carpenter hubby made me. He drilled the holes and threaded 12-gauge wire through the two pieces to hold the "card" together. Then he added his own artwork, a special greeting,  and a few scratch tickets (one was a winner!). Heck, I even got a box of doughnuts. He loves me. :-)
The Dude Kit has nothing on this man-made card! Look how thick this is - 1-1/2". I love every bit of it.
And the day just got better and better! I spent the morning going to garage sales with my bestie, Kim. We have so much fun. She's the kind of friend you really don't need to say or do much to have a fantastic time. She treated me to lunch, too. I received so many warm wishes from friends and family throughout the day. I've been smiling all day long. Then I was treated to dinner at Azteca - my favorite Mexican restaurant because the staff (Jessica, Esther, Fernando and Maria) is the greatest! They treated me to a cucaracha for my birthday - a drink with tequila, kahlua and coke - a green balloon, a festive song and hugs. What can I say? Life is very good.
And for the cherry on top, my son donned a jacket and tie for his 8th grade celebratory party tonight, so we took some photos. Here he is goofing off with his sister. He's hanging out with a group of his friends. I hope he has a wonderful time. And I wish you a wonderful weekend.


Karen said...

Happy Birthday Terry!! If I don't see you before, I'll see you at the convention.

Donna Heber said...

Happy Birthday Terry! I hope you saved a doughnut for me ... lol. Your darling hubby is very creative. Maybe he should start his own line of cards :-)

Kim said...

Love Eric's card! how thoughtful!
Chase is stinkin' cute!
Had a blast with you!
kisses, kim

Kim said...

Eric's card is adorable...he does love you! aaawwwww! Chase and Sylvie are stinkin' cute!
Had a blast with you on your b-day!
kisses, kim