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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Making chalkboard tags ala Stampin' Up!

I'm going to start this post by showing you the finished project - reusable chalkboard tags that clip on items with a clothespin. Brilliant! I saw this idea on Pinterest and gave it a Stampin' Up! spin - instead of using chalkboard paint and painter's tape, I used Chalkboard Decor Elements Sheets (Item 118815 on page 216 of the big SU! catalog. You get two sheets measuring 14" x 24" for $14.95).

I love how decor elements can transform a room. In fact, I have many on the walls and side of the fridge at my studio. Also on the side of my fridge is a big chalkboard decor element sign that I use all the time to post info for my next class! It's wonderful. Note: The decor elements will NOT be in the next SU! catalog, coming out in June. They and the Simply Adorned line (jewelry) are being discontinued. So if you want any of these items, order them NOW!

I had a 10-card class at my mother-in-law's in the Big City yesterday, so I went to a couple of craft stores and found two 3" x 24" thin pieces of wood. Ideally, there would be wooden rectangles available to purchase for cheap. I had no such luck, so my loving hubby cut the larger pieces into 22 pieces that measure 2" x 3" this morning.

I used my rotary cutter and acrylic grid and mat to cut off a 6-inch piece of one decor elements sheet. Then it was a manageable size for my SU! tabletop cutter, where I cut the chalkboard sheets to measure 1-13/16" x 2-13/16" each, since I wanted a little wooden edge showing all the way around. Peel off the backing and stick. Easy!

To finish, I hot-glued clothespins to the middle back of each little chalkboard. I have some chalk ink pens (white). They work really well because if someone or something brushes up against them, the chalk ink stays put. It's easy to remove with a wet paper towel too!

I made some of these tags for my studio, as well as for my younger sister. She's going to have a booth at the Ruffles & Rust Vintage Market to Inspire in Monroe, WA, in May. Be sure you go if you live anywhere near. There are some fabulous finds!!!


Anonymous said...

Great project Terry.

Karen Tenney

Michelle said...

Very cute and useful in so many ways. I am going to have to try them myself.

Loey said...

This is one of those projects that I'm bummed I didn't come up with myself ;) What a great use of the chalkboard element.